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Map and Location

No. 7 Chatsworth Road
Singapore 249761
Tel. (65) 6737 7422
Fax. (65) 6737 5037 / 6235 5783

Embassy's Location

The Indonesian Embassy is located at city area and easily accessible at the following address: 7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761.

It is just about 1 km from the famous shopping centers of Orchard Road.

The Embassy's compound sits on a 10,506 sq meters piece of land which houses the four-storeyed office building, the official residences of the Ambassador and the Deputy Ambassador, as well as a housing complex for the diplomatic staff of the Embassy.

In addition, the grounds also include various sports facilities (tennis court, swimming pool) and a mosque. The Embassy Mosque which named ISTIQOMAH (Masjid Istiqomah) welcome to muslim community for praying. Mostly use it is just for sholat zhuhur, sholat ashar and sholat jum'at.


By Taxis or Cab

You can catch a taxi to the Embassy at the taxi stands at the Arrival Hall, Changi Airport. An Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system is operational on major expressways and within the Central Business District area to ensure smooth traffic during peak hours. So you may be required to pay a surcharge if applicable.

Travel Fare/Destination (From Airport to The Embassy) Approx. S$16.00 - S$24.00 (excluding surcharges).

Airport surcharge:
S$5.00 Fri-Sun (5pm to midnight)
S$3.00 all other times

For advanced booking back to the airport, please call:
City Cab: (65) 6454 2222
Comfort: (65) 6552 1111
SMRT: (65) 6555 8888
A booking fee will be charged.

By Trains/MRT

Budget rides to the Embassy and other parts of the Singapore island can be made on the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) services. The MRT station is located in Terminal 2 and is also accessible via the Skytrain from Terminal 1. It takes about 27 minutes to reach the city. Alighting at Somerset Station or Orchard Station. From this station take a cab / a taxi to the Embassy. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach the Embassy.

One would have to switch trains at EW4 - Tanah Merah MRT Station to get downtown.

Travel Fare/Destination (From Airport to City)
Below S$2.00 (Not inclusive of S$1 refundable deposit for single trip ticket)

Frequency/Contact Information
12 mins interval
5.31am - 11.18pm (Mon-Sat)
5.59am - 11.18pm (Sun/Public Holiday )

For more details, please visit SMRT website or pick up a copy of the MRT brochure at the Changi Airport MRT Station.

By Public Buses

Budget rides to the Embassy / City and other parts of the island can be made on either the bus or SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) services. Bus terminals are located at the basement of Terminals 1 and 2.

Information on bus services is available near the bus stands. Please prepare the exact fare for buses as no change will be given. You can obtain change from the Money Changers in the Arrival Halls of both terminals. It takes 1 to 2 hours to reach the city.

Travel Fare/Destination (From Airport to City)
Below S$3.00
Frequency 6am - midnight (daily)

Note: Bus No. 36 which goes to the city, ends at 11pm. Alighting at Bus stop near to Somerset Station or Bus stop near to Orchard Station. From this bus stop take a cab / a taxi to the Embassy. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach the Embassy.


The Embassy is located at City. If you wish to take public transport buses, take buses heading for Grange Road or Tanglin Road. For instant please alighting near to Outram Part MRT station, Somerset or Orchard MRT stations, or Redhill MRT Station. The bus available to the Embassy are:

Bus service 75 : board the bus from Outram Part MRT station and alight at the B3 Grange Road bus stop.

From the bus stop walk straight up to Chatsworth Road , the Embassy is located some 400 metres from the bus stop.

The bus fare is below S$1.00

Bus service 111 : board the bus from Somerset or Orchard MRT stations and alight at the B05 Tanglin Road bus stop (after the Chinese Embassy).

From the bus stop take the second left on Chatsworth Avenue and then Chatsworth Road , the Embassy is located some 700 metres from the bus stop.

The bus fare is below S$1.00

Bus service 132 : board the bus from Redhill MRT Station and alight at the B06 Tanglin Road bus stop.

Cross over the road onto Chatsworth Road and walk the 800 metres to the Embassy.

The bus fare is below S$1.00

For more details, please visit Singapore Bus (SBS Transit) website.

The easiest way to reach the Embassy is by cabs/taxis.

Travel Fare/Destination (From City to the Embassy)

Below S$10.00

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore

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