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Indonesian Embassy Apply On Line System to Protect Domestic Workers

Thursday, 31 May 2012

As an initial step in giving protection to Indonesian domestic workers (PLRT) in Singapore, on May 30, 2012 the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore launched the enactment of on line system for the legalization of Job Order and Work Contract for PLRT to be placed in Singapore. The launching of the program was attended by approximately 200 Singapore Agencies that has been accredited by the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore.

Sukmo Yuwono, Counsellor of Protocol and Consular Affairs, said that the Indonesian Embassy currently does not have data related to the PLRTs coming into Singapore for the first time, so when PLRTs have problems the Embassy has difficulty finding data about the PLRT. "Especially when we must immediately inform PLRT conditions to the family or related parties in Indonesia, then the data becomes important" Sukmo said.

Sukmo added that the on line system of Job Order and Work Contract will facilitate Indonesian PLRT with employers in Singapore. Indonesian Embassy requires to all agencies in Singapore to obtain accreditation from the Embassy. "Agency should also have a Placement Agreement / Job Order and has been officially recommended by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and BNP2TKI" Sukmo added.

Furthermore, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Singapore, Andri Hadi, in his speech expressed his hope that the entire agency in Singapore can work together with the Embassy, particularly in safety matters, related to the number of Indonesian PLRT who died while working in a fall from a height. "We appeal to the entire agency to always socialize Indonesian Embassy’s prohibition for not doing dangerous jobs, like cleaning the exterior of windows, and these restrictions are stated clearly in employment contracts" the Ambassador said.

The Indonesian Embassy will continue its efforts to disseminate this program to all PPTKIS in Indonesia as a partner agency in Singapore. Thus, the expected placement process of Indonesian PLRT to Singapore will be more orderly, recording the data accurately and in accordance with the laws and regulations. This is done in an effort of the Embassy to provide overall protection to the citizens in Singapore, especially Indonesian PLRT.

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