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Contact Us

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Singapore 

7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761
Website: /

If you have any inquiries related to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore or our services, please feel free to contact us through the following phone numbers:

Indonesian Embassy main line:
+65-6737 7422

Indonesian Embassy fax number:
+65-6737 5037

Immigration Services Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 1, or
+65-6839 5407 (Mrs. Siti)

Consular and Domestic Worker Services Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 2 (for consular services), or
+65-6737 7422, press 3 (for domestic worker services), or
+65-6839 5422 (Mrs. Kalsom)

Transportation Services Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 4, or
+65-6839 5434 (Mr. Ade)

Economic and Trade Matters Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 5, or
+65-6839 5454 (Ekonomic / Mrs. Ida), or
+65-6839 5451 (Trade / Mrs. Elya)

Politic Matters Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 6, or
+65-6839 5460 (Mrs. Saliah)

Information, Social, and Cultural Inquiry:
+65-6737 7422, press 7, or
+65-6839 5472 (Mrs. Lina)

Customs Service Inquiry:
+65-6839 5427 (Mrs. Ros)

Defence Matters Inquiry:
+65-6839 5491 (Mrs. Ava)

Or you can submit your inquiry by completing this form below:

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The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore

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