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Daftar Universitas di Sudan
  • University of Khartoum
  • University of Gezira
    Website of the University of Gezira in Sudan.: gezirauniversity.net
  • Sudan University of Science and Technology 
    Sudanese university offering specializations in different fields including engineering, business, agriculture, veterinary, water technology, arts and more.
    Website : sustech.edu
  • Ahfad University for Women 
    A private university in Sudan dedicated to educating women, management and economic.
    Website :ahfad.org
  • University of Medical Science and Technology 
    Formerly the Academy of Medical Science and Technology. Private university in Khartoum, offers degrees in various fields including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and computer sciences.
    Website : umst-edu.org
  • Neelain University, Sudan 
    Profile, administration, activities, events and other related information about Neelain University in Sudan.
    Website :neelain.edu.sd
  • Computer Man College (CMC), Sudan 
    Private higher education institution for learning computer studies such as computer engineering, computer science, information technology and more.
    Website :cmcsudan.net
  • Worldwide Classroom - Sudan 
    Universities, language institutes, professionals and education resources in Sudan.
    Website : worldwide.edu
  • University of Khartoum, Sudan 
    Aiming to train and conduct the Sudanese students in different specialities in order to respond to the needs of the society.
    Website :uofk.edu
  • Oum Dourman Islamic University, Sudan 
    General information about the Islamic University in Sudan. Administration, faculties, activities, conferences and more.
    Website :oiu.edu.sd
  • Khartoum College of Medical Sciences, Sudan 
    Sudanese education institution operating in three faculties medicine, dentistry and clinical pharmacy.
    Website :khmedical.net
  • University of Dalanj, Sudan 
    Central institution for knowledge, education and training in the Nuba Mountains area.
    Website :dalanjuniversity.net
  • MIT OpenCourseWare Sudan 
    Offers free university courses for Sudanese students in biology, chemistry, civil engineering and more.
    Website :mit.sudatek.net
  • Human Link Administration and Marketing Training College, Sudan 
    Administered by the American East Coast University (AECU). Offers BBA, MBA, BS and Diploma programs.
    Website :aec-edu.org
  • Other University
    • Akobo Heritage and Memorial University (Akobo)
    • Al-Fashir University (El-Fashir)
    • Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University (Khartoum North)
    • Bahr-al-Ghazal-University
    • Bakhet El-Rudda University (Eldewaym)
    • Bayan College of Science and Technology
    • Blue Nile University (Damazeen)
    • College of Technological Science (CTS)
    • Dongola University
    • El-Gadarif University
    • El-Imam El-Mahdi University (Kosti)
    • International University of Africa
    • Juba National University (Juba City)
    • Kassala University
    • Kordofan University
    • Leer Agricultural and Mechanical University (leer)
    • Mayom Agricultural & Mechanical University (Mayom)
    • Nasir International University (Nasir)
    • Nile Valley University
    • Nyala University
    • Omdurman Ahlia University
    • Omdurman Islamic University
      Red Sea University (Port Sudan)
    • Shendi University
    • Sinar University
    • Sudan University of Science and Technology
      The Catholic University of Sudan
    • University of Gezira (Wad Medani)
    • University of Holy Quran and Holy Sciences
    • University of Khartoum
    • University of Kordofan
    • University of West Kordofan (El-Foula)
    • Upper Nile University (Malakal)
    • University of Zalengei
    • Western Upper Nile University (Bentiu)
    • Yei Agricultural and Mechanical University (Yei)

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