Indonesia Boosts for Interfaith and Maritime Dialogue Cooperation with Denmark


Bangkok – Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi L.P attended a bilateral meeting with the Foreign Minister of Denmark, Kristian Jensen on the sidelines of 21st ASEAN - EU Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand (14/10).

"Indonesia is a model of the world in promoting religious tolerance," said the Foreign Minister of Denmark in the bilateral meeting. The Danish government wanted to demonstrate to the European community that Indonesia is the best example in maintaining religious harmony. To that end, the Foreign Minister of Denmark expressed strong commitment of Denmark to improve the working the same inter-religious dialogue with Indonesia.

Both Foreign Ministers also discussed cooperation in the field of maritime and agreed to implement the first Bilateral Maritime Forum in 2017. The Forum is a follow up of the MOU on Maritime Cooperation that was signed in October 2015. The cooperation harbor is one of the issues to be discussed in this forum.

In addition, the two ministers welcomed the cooperation between the two countries SOEs to increase cooperation in the fields of infrastructure development and renewable energy. Indonesia and Denmark have a legal umbrella of cooperation in the energy field through the MoU Renewable and Clean Energy and Energy Conservation Cooperation.

The trade value between Indonesia and Denmark in 2015 to reach 408.2 million US $ with Indonesia surplus of 5.7 million US $ . Denmark is the third trading partner of Indonesia in wiayah Nordic. In 2015, Danish investment stood at USD 2 million in 15 projects. The number of Danish tourists in Indonesia is 20005 in 2014. There are currently more than 20 Danish businessman who attend and participate in the activities of TEI 2016 in Jakarta.

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