ASEM Passion-Preneurs Challenge 2016


​To improve Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) profile amongst the youths, the Indonesian Government has initiated an ASEM First Youth Entrepreneurial Meeting: Passion-Preneurs' Challenge Towards 20 Years of ASEM, to be held in Jakarta on 25-28 October 2016. This competition also aims at fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among the young generation from Indonesia and 52 other ASEM Partners. Passion-Preneur is a unique combination of Sociopreneur (entrepreneurship based on social mission) and Technopreneur (entrepreneurship based on digital technology).

Requirements and more information can be accessed through and also through our social media accounts on twitter (@ASEMpreneur2016) and Instagram (@asempreneur2016).

Read the Concept Paper of the First ASEM Youth Entrepreneurial Meeting here.